Darnell Ferguson

Trials and tribulations are two words that Darnell Ferguson knows all too well. The 28 year-old has struggled with incarceration, homelessness and a lack of self-control throughout his short span as an adult. His life was spiraling out of control quickly and just when things seemed to be at their worst – he made a last-ditch effort and walked into a local church – changing his life forever.

Ferguson was born in Philadelphia but his family relocated to Columbus, OH when he was young. He was raised by his mom and step-dad and credits them for providing him with a very good life. Despite having great parents – Ferguson struggled throughout high school and was on the verge of failing out. During his junior year he decided to transfer to a vocational high school in the Columbus area that offered courses in Culinary Arts.

Throughout his cooking career and during the Beijing Olympics – Ferguson was often dubbed as a “Super-Chef” for his culinary greatness – so it was a no-brainer that the “Pop-Up” was named SuperChefs.

Business took off fast and within a couple of months – several other restaurant owners approached Ferguson about opening a “Pop-Up” in their locations. Ironically, one of the restaurant owners was the boss that fired him a year ago. Being a man of God now – Ferguson accepted the offer and eventually increased his “Pop-Up” locations to three.

Ferguson was finally living out his dream. He’d overcome being homeless and several other adversities to owning three successful restaurant “Pop-Ups”. Despite being successful – Ferguson began to realize that he lacked full control over his destiny by operating for limited hours in restaurants owned by anyone other than himself. In early 2015 – he initiated plans to convert the “Pop-Ups” into his own full-service restaurant.

After securing an investor and partnering with a friend from college – Rodney White – a full-service SuperChefs restaurant opened on July 9, 2015. The restaurant features “high-end” food at affordable prices. Everything is art driven – for example – on the breakfast menu is a “Juggernaut” – which consists of 2 (Red) Waffle Sandwiches W/ Fried Chicken, Over Medium Eggs, and Pepperjack Cheese Topped W/ Honey Drizzle. The menu items are centered around comic book themes to provide a casual environment combined with luxury.